About Us

missoldppiclaims.info specialise in helping our clients to claim compensation against financial institutions who have mis sold PPI. We do this by efficiently preparing and processing claims and utilising our extensive experience in the legalities of this area in order to audit credit agreements on our client's behalf.

Our meticulous approach allows us to quickly identify instances of mis selling which we can submit as evidence as part of a formal claim. Our approach is so streamlined and professional that substantial sums of money are refunded to our clients within no time.

What Types Of PPI Do We Focus On?

We can help you reclaim money that was paid out on a PPI policy as part of a credit card, loan or mortgage agreement. Don't think that this doesn't apply to you, most people who have made successful PPI claims have only found out that they had been making such a contribution when the PPI scandal first hit the headlines. Have a look through your financial records now ? you never know what you might find!

Where you might be new to the term 'PPI', we certainly are not. In fact, we have many years of experience in this area and are highly skilled in both assessing terms of agreement and identifying if, how and when PPI may have been mis sold. This may have been online, over the phone or even face-to-face.

Money Well Spent

With Some of our claims are being settled within nine weeks, not to mention our NO WIN, NO FEE service, you can be safe in the knowledge that, assuming you have a strong case, it won't be long before a nice PPI refund cheque arrives in the post (and it may be bigger than you expect) our largest successful claim to date stands at over £18,000!).

We appreciate that the last thing you want is to spend hours processing a claim which you aren't truly convinced will come to anything. We can alleviate your concerns by handling matters for you, leaving you to get on with the more pressing matters in your life.

So Why Choose missoldppiclaims.info?

There are many companies out there who claim to be the best at helping people process PPI reclaims. We provide and comprehensive, honest service and promise to:

  • Make a quick decision on whether you have a case or not. We don't want to string you along and waste your precious time
  • Put together the best case possible so that you can claim for the maximum amount
  • Spot when a lenders initial rejection of a claim can ultimately lead to an approval
  • Use our knowledge of how different lenders operate to get the best compensation offer on your behalf
  • Handle all the administration of your PPI refund claim

To see if our team of specialists can assist with your PPI claim contact us on 0800 043 2027. This number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - so there really is nothing stopping you from making that initial enquiry.