How It Works

As the awareness grows of mis sold PPI, more and more people are stepping forward to make a claim in the hope that they can get back the money that they paid out unnecessarily while making repayments on a credit card or loan.

No-one likes being misled? particularly if it involves parting with your hard-earned cash - so there is no real surprise that the likes of are being inundated with requests for assistance. Not that we mind being busy of course! Our extensive and experienced team take great pleasure in helping members of the public reclaim money that is rightfully theirs.

Where To Start When Making A PPI Reclaim

Your first step should be to track back through your finances to see whether there are any PPI policies that you currently pay into or have paid into in the past. If you're not sure what PPI is then don?t worry, you're not alone, that's just the point, many people have been paying PPI blissfully unaware of what it is or how it happened.

Simply put, PPI (or Payment Protection Insurance) is an insurance policy which is designed to give the borrower peace of mind as it ensures that repayments can still be fulfilled in the event of redundancy or illness, for example. It's basically an additional monthly cost which means your lender can foot the bill (in the short term) if you can no longer afford to.

If it becomes apparent that you have been paying Payment Protection Insurance and that you either never agreed to this, your consent was never even requested or you were advised that it was compulsory, then you may have been mis sold PPI and be eligible to make a claim. At this stage we recommend that you urgently call one of our specialists on the 24/7 hotline - 0800 043 2027 - to get the ball rolling.

Also, to get an idea of how much of a refund you may be entitled to you can enter your details into our easy-to-use PPI Tool.

Over to us!

Once you have completed and returned your PPI reclaim pack, we have your consent to go ahead and investigate further and request documents / evidence should you not have copies, we get to work on your claim without the need for any payment upfront. Keeping you updated throughout, our legal team will fight your corner until a full refund is secured.